R & D

R & D

Our company not only has an R & D team, but also has NCFST, which has two functions- technological development and technical support.

During past years, we have developed new fibers and new products, technological development was our first duty, and new products showed our new growth point. PLA filament FDY and PLA DTY can be used in many fields. We constantly put efforts on searching ideal product to go with PLA in creating series of functional and eco-friendly products. We further use eco-friendly auxiliary to emphasize product’ high functional characteristic, making the products reach a higher level in providing body protection and comfort.


“R & D for you, R & D with you!”

If you have any idea about new products related to our PLA fiber, we’re to study & develop together with you.

We will spare no efforts helping you turn the most advanced PLA technique into huge economic benefit.


Project 1

Latex paint — developing with big maker

Project 2

Special nonwoven made of our tailor-made PLA fiber



Glory Tang has been dedicated in developing PLA since 2001. Our R&D team has testified the unique natures of PLA, combine with fibers of different products, and develop a series of functional and eco-friendly fabrics.

Below are PLA’s features demonstrated in different usages:

◆ PLA used for textile Due to its hydrophilic nature, PLA can reach certain levels in clothing and wears.

Since our PLA fibers are all from nature, it also has good performance in spinning property. All the features we above-mentioned are simply basing on PLA’s own characteristics, without any helps from chemical auxiliaries.

◆ PLA used for base / thermal layer

When serving PLA as thermal inner layer, as a result of its appeases and calms skin feature, it is rather fluffy compared with yarns with same weights different materials. Therefore, it can contain more comfort extraordinary thermal function just like silks. Also, since PLA is a neutral fiber, it won’t cause any stimulation to our skin. The thermal and non-stimulating quality can bring us great comfort that most fibers cannot achieve.

Our original faith:

Most of time we use fibers that are eco-friendly. However, in very rare situation, we will need the help of the non eco-friendly yarns to make fabrics with better function and to fit our body more in providing clothes that can protect our safety and lives.

To protect our environment, Glory Tang has to pay more costs in both time and money. Nevertheless, we still insist on doing so and refuse to compromise to market or other brands or for any other concerns, since there is only one earth. Also, we include recycled yarns from our material selection in fabrics-making entirely. We promise we will never abandon our original faith: environmental concern is our first priority.

In future research and development, Glory Tang will continually use the eco-friendly fiber with our own identification in produce design to assure that our products can be decomposed at the waste disposal stage completely rapidly in helping reduce the burden of the earth. In addition, the eco-friendly produces can help avoid pollutions which are commonly generated during the decomposing and burning process, to further protect our precious air and water resources. Our products truly express the real idea of environmental protection and successfully protect our earth and next generation.